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Release Date:2022/8/5 16:37:00

Ganoderma lucidum (Curtis) P. karst.) It is a fungus of Ganoderma family and Ganoderma genus. The fruiting bodies of Ganoderma lucidum are mostly annual, and a few are perennial, with petioles and lateral petioles. The cap is woody, corky, fan-shaped, grooved, kidney shaped, semicircular or nearly circular, with brown or reddish brown on the surface, blood red to chestnut, sometimes the edge gradually turns yellowish brown to yellowish white, with lacquer like luster, and the cap surface has concentric ring grooves, with sharp or slightly blunt edges, often curled in. The fungus flesh is white to light brown, and the place near the fungus tube is often light brown. The fungus tube is small, the surface of the tube hole is light white, the white flesh is cinnamon, the light brown to light yellowish brown, the tube mouth is nearly round, the stipe is lateral, partial or intermediate, and is nearly cylindrical, with strong paint like luster. The basidiospore is ovate or truncated at the top, with double walls, the outer wall is transparent and smooth, the inner wall is brown or light brown, with spikes, and an oil drop in the center.

Ganoderma lucidum is distributed on all continents in the world, most of which grow in tropical, subtropical and temperate regions. China is a place where Ganoderma lucidum fungal resources are widely distributed, mainly in Beijing, Hebei, Shandong, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Fujian, Jiangxi, Hubei, Hunan, Guangxi, Guangdong, Henan, Yunnan, Sichuan, Guizhou, Hainan, Taiwan, Shaanxi, Shanxi, Anhui, Gansu, Tibet, Hong Kong and other places. It grows on the stump or rhizosphere of oak, Fagaceae and other broad-leaved trees, pines and pines, and also grows on conifers such as hemlock. Ganoderma fungi mostly grow in places with scattered sunlight and sparse trees or open areas.

Ganoderma lucidum is a traditional Chinese precious medicinal material for strengthening the body and strengthening the body.

Naurewill' compounds from Ganoderma lucidum (Curtis) P. Karst:

N1128 12-羟基灵芝酸D 12-Hydroxyganoderic acid D 942950-96-1 C30H42O8 530.658
N1129 12-羟基-灵芝烯酸 B 12-Hydroxyganoderenic acid B 1309931-84-7 C30H42O8 530.658
N1130 16,17-二去氢灵芝酸 D 16,17-Didehydroganoderic acid D 1427189-02-3 C30H40O7 512.643
N1131 20(21)-脱氢赤芝酸A Dehydrolucidenic acid A, 20(21)- 852936-69-7 C27H36O6 456.579
N1132 20-羟基灵芝酸G 20-Hydroxyganoderic acid G 400604-12-8 C30H44O9 548.673
N1133 赤芝孢子酸 A Ganosporeric acid A 135357-25-4 C30H38O8 526.626
N1134 赤芝酸A Lucidenic acid A 95311-94-7 C27H38O6 458.595
N1135 赤芝酸B Lucidenic acid B 95311-95-8 C27H38O7 474.594
N1136 赤芝酸C Lucidenic acid C 95311-96-9 C27H40O7 476.61
N1137 赤芝酸D Lucidenic acid D 98665-16-8 C29H38O8 514.615
N1138 赤芝酸E2 Lucidenic Acid E2 98665-17-9 C29H40O8 516.631
N1139 赤芝酸LM1 Lucidenic acid LM1 364622-33-3 C27H40O6 460.611
N1140 丹芝醇B Ganoderol B 104700-96-1 C30H48O2 440.712
N1141 灵芝醇 A Ganoderol A 104700-97-2 C30H46O2 438.696
N1142 灵芝马酮 Ganodermanontriol 106518-63-2 C30H48O4 472.71
N1143 灵芝内酯B Ganolactone B 1028449-53-7 C27H38O6 458.595
N1144 灵芝醛A Ganoderal A 104700-98-3 C30H44O2 436.68
N1145 灵芝酸 C2 Ganoderic acid C 2 103773-62-2 C30H46O7  
N1146 灵芝酸 J Ganoderic acid J 100440-26-4 C30H42O7 514.659
N1147 灵芝酸 N Ganoderic acid N 110241-19-5 C30H42O8 530.658
N1148 灵芝酸A Ganoderic Acid A 81907-62-2 C30H44O7 516.675
N1149 灵芝酸B Ganoderic Acid B 81907-61-1 C30H46O7 518.691
N1150 灵芝酸C1 Ganoderic acid C1 95311-97-0 C30H42O7 514.659
N1151 灵芝酸C6 Ganoderic acid C6 105742-76-5 C30H42O8  
N1152 灵芝酸D Ganoderic acid D 108340-60-9 C30H42O7 514.659
N1153 灵芝酸D2 Ganoderic acid D2 97653-94-6 C30H42O8 530.658
N1154 灵芝酸DM Ganoderic acid DM 173075-45-1 C30H44O4 468.678
N1155 灵芝酸Epsilon Ganoderic acid Epsilon 294674-05-8 C30H44O7 516.675
N1156 灵芝酸F Ganoderic acid F 98665-15-7 C32H42O9 570.679
N1157 灵芝酸G Ganoderic Acid G 98665-22-6 C30H44O8 532.674
N1158 灵芝酸H Ganoderic Acid H 98665-19-1 C32H44O9 572.695
N1159 灵芝酸I Ganoderic acid I 98665-20-4 C30H44O8 532.674
N1160 灵芝酸LM2 Ganoderic acid LM2 508182-41-0 C30H42O7 514.659
N1161 灵芝酸Y Ganoderic acid Y 86377-52-8 C30H46O3 454.695
N1162 灵芝酮二醇 Ganodermanondiol 107900-76-5 C30H48O3 456.711
N1163 灵芝烯酸 A Ganoderenic acid A 100665-40-5 C30H42O7 514.659
N1164 灵芝烯酸B Ganoderenic acid B 100665-41-6 C30H42O7 514.659
N1165 灵芝烯酸C Ganoderenic acid C 100665-42-7 C30H44O7 516.675
N1166 灵芝烯酸D Ganoderenic acid D 100665-43-8 C30H40O7 512.643
N1167 灵芝烯酸E Ganoderenic acid E 110241-23-1 C30H40O8 528.642
N1168 灵芝烯酸G Ganoderenic acid G 120481-73-4 C30H40O7 512.643
N1169 麦角甾醇 Ergosterol 57-87-4 C28H44O 396.659
N1170 脱乙酰灵芝酸F Deacetyl ganoderic acid F 100665-44-9 C30H40O8 528.642
N1171 12-O-乙酰基灵芝酸θ 12-O-Acetylganoderic acid
N1172 23S-羟基-11,15-二氧灵芝
23S-hydroxyl-11,15-dioxo- ganoderic acid DM 1085273-49-9 C30H40O7


N3601 灵芝酸C2 Ganoderic acid C2 98296-48-1 C30H46O7 518.691
R0422 灵芝醇 F Ganoderiol F 114567-47-4 C30H46O3


R2720 灵芝酸T-Q Ganodermic acid TQ 112430-66-7 C32H46O5 510.71
R2757 灵芝烯酸D甲酯 Methyl ganoderenate D 748136-03-0 C31H42O7

N4135    3,7-Dioxo-8,24Z-tirucalladien-26-oic acid

N4136   5α-lanosta-7,9(11),24-triene-15α,26-dihydroxy-3-one



灵芝酸 S

Lanosta-7,9(11),24-trien-26-oicacid, 3,15-bis(acetyloxy)-, (3b,15a,24E)- (9CI)




15alpha-hydroxy-3-oxo-5alpha-lanosta-7,9,24(E)-trien-26-oic acid

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