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Isolation and purification Service

Pharmaceutical technology research services

  • Custom separation of target compounds
    Research on medicinal materials (decoction pieces); extraction, separation and purification; preparation, quality standard and stability investigation;and provides research services on product production process development in laboratory and pilot scale;research on changing original production process;research on production cost and product quality optimization
  • Custom separation of target compounds
    Provide reference materials, preparation technology, quality standards and stability research of classic famous prescriptions of traditional Chinese medicine; Hospital preparation technology, quality standard and stability research service
  • Research on processing and quality standard of TCM
    Research the processing technology and quality standard of decoction pieces of TCM; research on the integration of processing and processing in the producing area of TCM, and establish the SOP; research on processing standard of characteristic decoction pieces and decoction pieces of TCM
  • Research on food, cosmetics, disinfection products active components of TCM
    Guided by the health care concept of TCM, based on the good health conditioning function and good safety of TCM and natural active ingredients,to develop a series of health products such as food, cosmetics, disinfection products and toiletries

Analysis and test service